With ClickBase you can easily analyze your month to month or even day to day sales comparisons to any level of detail and between any elements of your business.
You can know exactly where expenses are being spent, by whom and when for accurate allocations across monthly departmental reports.
You can track current inventory levels, orders pending and sales trends by individual sales rep or by specific geography or by SKU. You can easily find that error causing your trial balance to be off.



Generic Edition

This edition of ClickBase does not have any predefined reports. You can use it to connect to any data source and create your reports and perform other data anlysis functions


Express Edition

This edition of ClickBase has the out-of-box solutions along with all the features of the express edition. Only sales reports are included in each solution. You would be able to create custom reports.


Standard Edition

With the standard edition, you will have the out-of-box solution for your CRM with all the avaialble reports. All the featres included in the generic and express eidtion will be included.

General Features of ClickBase

  • Affordable
  • Dashboards
  • Ease of Use
  • Multiple Presentation Formats
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Risk Free
  • On Line Training Included
  • Help Desk Support Included
  • Pre-Configured Solution for Multiple ERPs (ASK)

Businesses today have access to more data than ever. But collecting and analyzing that data and turning it into useful information is a big challenge. Business intelligence can help decision makers get access to the data they need so they can quickly adapt to changing conditions and identify new opportunities..