The main difference between the various editions of ClickBase is the presence of predefined reports. The Generic edition does not contain any defined reports while the Express and Standards have defined reports for the various CRM solutions

Below are some of the components that will traditionally be installed on the ClickBase server and workstation

ClickBase Server Components

Layout Server

This utility is used to define ClickBase reports that need to be executed without having a user physically present on the workstation or server.

These reports can be scheduled using the Windows Task scheduler to execute and saved to a network folder or emailed to specific users

ClickBase Gateway

This is a ClickBase windows service which traditionally is intalled on the ClickBase server. Its main function is to receive report requests from the client stations and serve them the reports reqested.

ClickBase CubeServer

This is also a ClickBase Windows service that is installed on the ClickBase server. It is responsible for generating analytic cubes to the clients requesting such reports

ClickBase Connection Wizard

This component sets up the various connections between the clients datasources and the ClickBase data server or Gateway

ClickBase ServerMagic

This is the primary application that is responsible for keeping ClickBase upto date and is also responsible for setting up a new installation.

ClickBase Client Components

ClickBase ItemManager

ItemManager is the ClickBase client application that is responsible for displaying the various report layouts. It is traditionally installed on workstations but can also be installled on the server

Report Writer

Report writer is a reporting component to produce static reports. It is somewhat similar to Microsoft crystal reports. You are able to design your report content add filters to the report