All in real-time

With the built in reports, out-of-the-box, ClickBaseTM helps you analyze your sales by item, by customer, by territory, etc., using the ‘drag and drop’ approach to add or remove reporting items.

Quickly determine your top ten customers just by clicking on the total sales column to sort from highest to lowest. Add in the gross margin for a better view of your profitability by customer or by item. You can even drill down to the transaction level whenever you want.

ClickBaseTM has all the right business intelligence capabilities in ONE package: integrated, real-time information for accurate decision-making…a digital dashboard of any combination of parameters desired for real-time control…a web portal for presentation. And, you don’t have to be a programmer to use it.

Our out of the box solutions

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See benefits immediately

You can Leverage, capitalize and enhance the value of legacy data.
Access detailed and timely information across the extended enterprise.
Enable enterprise-wide access for all of your decision-makers.
Provide a flexible and integrated solution for deploying performance indicators across the extended enterprise.
Efficiently and easily generate ad hoc queries and run predefined reports on any enterprise data.
Reduce overhead by implementing authentication and security across multiple applications simultaneously.