Hampton Forge

Hampton Forge, Ltd. is a privately-held design, importing, marketing and sales company recognized as a key innovator in the tabletop and housewares industry. Keeping pace with sales and maintaining optimal stock levels became increasingly challenging as the company expanded to five locations in Asia, South America, and the United States...Read More


Serigraph, a versatile producer of unique decorating solutions for products and displays, was faced with a difficult dilemma. Based on older technology, Serigraph’s ERP solution adequately supported their business transaction processing but did not provide access to information. Extracting data in a timely and economical manner was impossible...Read More

Smashbox Cosmetics

Smashbox Cosmetics, creator of a variety of beauty products sold in premium retail outlets and on the web, recently rolled out the ClickBase business intelligence to their national retail sales team, thereby eliminating time consuming manual efforts to report electronically reported store sales data. As a bonus, account coverage has increased more than 100%, allowing retail account executives and regional sales managers to focus on proactive planning through weekly store results and trend analysis. The ClickBase case study describes the accelerated implementation process and the immediate ROI results...Read More


Enzymedica is a fast growing, south Florida-based company that had difficulty gathering and formatting data needed for normal operations. Gathering data for functions such as calculating commissions was a time consuming and tedious task...Read More

Carolina Eastern

Carolina Eastern is a company built on fulfilling precise customer needs, and their customers depend on it. Operating as a wholesaler, distributor, retailer and service provider, Carolina Eastern delivers fertilizer individually tailored to each farm customer from its 60 locations primarily in the Southeast...Read More